Who we are

A Group promoting flexible expertise

Established in May 2004, the Flexpertise® Group provides services to enable organisations to access flexible expertise. Flexpertise® services includes a directory of flexible friendly corporations, a directory of 'flexperts'® (flexible experts), online training and CPD Programs and a recruitment site focused on recruitment of flexible expertise.

What we do

Keep it simple

With experience and a commitment to service as the foundation of the Flexpertise® business, keeping it simple is paramount.

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View opportunities that provide flexibility or advertise a role that provides flexibility.

Locate flexible friendly businesses.

Locate flexible experts (flexperts®) ['Flexperts’® is a member of the Flexpertise® Group.]
Training and CPD Programs for those that require flexibility to undertake. ['CPD Hub' is a member of the Flexpertise® Group.]
A directory service of recruiters focused on flexibility. ['recruitershub' is a member of the Flexpertise® Group.]

Flexpertise Group

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